Dreams so close, you can almost feel them?

I’m happy to announce that even though my shop isn’t up and running just yet, I have made my very first custom made order! And I even got paid for it.

My shop won’t be up and running until October, but I’m taking orders now and was more than happy to make an order for a costumer who loved a scarf I previewed on my facebook store page. She ordered two of the same scarves in different colors!

I will admit, the scarf I previewed is a really nice scarf and I, myself, do love it.

I even got my labels in the mail today. Yes, this small little dream or goal is so close, I can feel it. And I can’t, I won’t give up now.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. But I’m more excited about getting out there and working again.

My goal is to have enough saved up for my son’s second Christmas. There’s a few things on his wishlist that I really want to get him. And I can’t forget about Halloween! Ah! So many Holidays approaching and feels like so little time to get up and running.

I might move my open date up to mid September so I’ll have enough to get everything for everyone on my list.

So many things to do, so little time!



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