I’ve sold to two customers so far and the feedback is just remarkable!

One said she loved them and they were just beautiful, the second one said how she knew it was going to be beautiful, but wasn’t expecting it to be that awesome. Both have confirmed they will be ordering from me again 🙂

I’ve got my business cards and I absolutely love them, my shop opens this month! THIS month! September, 2014! haha

I’m excited to see how my little shop come along. I don’t have many worries, apart from having enough supplies, about my shop. I feel pretty confident and knowing that someone out there is going to stay nice and warm because of what I’m making, well, that just tops the cake!

I won’t let myself get too excited about this. I have a feeling that it might get sucky before it becomes truly successful. But that’s life, nothing is ever handed to you on a silver plate, you’ve got to work for it and work hard!



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