Sick Mommy, Shop Delay?

For the past week or so, I have been too sick to work. Putting a big damper in my plans to open my Etsy shop this weekend.
It started out as a common cold, and turned into bronchitis. Which I swear, turned back into a cold. With being too weak to work and too tired, I had to delay the opening of my shop, my shop a lot of people have been looking forward to checking out and ordering from.

Which is sad, because I just recently got $50 worth of yarn and was so eager to get back to work after I got over this cold. My shop will still open this month, hopefully before the end of the month. But until that happens, I’m stuck resting instead of working. Which is okay, I presume. My health is just as important as my shop.

I realized something the other day, my son’s father is an entrepreneur and so am I. Granted, his dad isn’t in his life, I think it’s pretty dandy that both his parents–one of his parents, run a business. I can’t label his father as a parent, because he isn’t mature enough to be in his life. And to be honest, I like it that way. He is nothing more than a mere sperm donor,

I’m eager to get back to work, seeing how the sooner I start, the sooner my shop will be open and running and I’ll be making money. I’m determined to get this shop up and running. It’s been in the works for about a year and a half now.

The only thing that annoys me with this cold is all the coughing I’ve been doing. If this cold doesn’t go away by next week, I’ll be forced to push the opening of my store back yet AGAIN. And I’ll also have to go to the doctor. So since this month is almost over with, I really hope I am, at least, semi better by Tuesday.

With all that being said, I shall leave you with these encouraging words;

“Keep on living, keep on breathing
Even when you don’t believe it
Keep on climbing, keep on reaching
Even when this world can’t see it
No Impossible is nothing

Your future is round the corner so close you can almost taste it
It get worse before its better, that storm you gone have to weather
Either be a busted pipe or a diamond due to this pressure
25 hours 8 days out the week
Focus, keep eyes open victory never sleeps
My prayers for you is that you hit all them goals you trynna reach
I even hope at one point you take it farther then me.” Iggy Azalea–Impossible is nothing.

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