What do you do when you are sure what to label something? Something that’s bothering you in a way that you can’t simply put into words?

When something so small and yet so big, makes you feel so dirty inside but so confused on the outside? When you question your sanity and your own thoughts. Maybe it’s something big that you’re trying to fit into a box that’s too small for it.

Or maybe you are trying to forget everything but know deep down that your thoughts refuse to let go without a fight?

Do you ever just look at the people around you and think you honestly can’t trust them? That everyone around you will either leave you at some point or attempt to attack you in some sort of way, verbally?

Or maybe everyone around yo just makes you feel so dirty both inside and out, without even having to do a single thing.

It’s like a title wave that slowly creeps up and then swallows you whole as fast as it came. Where do you stand then?

There’s so much deep inside that screams to be let out…But for 21 years, I’ve learned to keep everything in. I don’t know how to let anything out.

Mommy has to be strong for her little prince. But sometimes mommy forgets that her prince needs to see that mommy is human, too. Not a robot.

Happy 2016 to everyone out there.

Maybe 2016 will be more of my year and not betray me.

Time will only tell~


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